Family. Education. Livelihood.

FAMILY-EMPOWERMENT. That's our business! The Molmisa Ventures Corporation was established in 2022, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, to build strong families by giving solutions to the fundamental areas of life: education and livelihood.

Molmisa Virtual Office

The Molmisa Virtual Office launched its first branch in LN Business Center, Cainta Rizal. It is the first recognized virtual office in Cainta, aiming to help Freelancers and MSMEs formalize and legalize their business by having low-cost office rent.

Molmisa Workspace

Molmisa Workspace is a 30-square meter room in LN Business Center Cainta Rizal that can be rented for private meetings, corporate training, content creation, and photoshoots. There is an overflowing and unlimited coffee in the room. The space is cozy and customizable based on your needs.

Speak and Teach PH

Speak and Teach PH is your resource of digital learning materials for preschool children to adolescent to promote speech and language development. Our resources are available online through Boom and TpT, primarily distributed in the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, and the rest of the world.

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” – Michael J. Fox

The success of our business is to see every family around the world being strengthened through our services. There is no other joy than to help every parent do their business everywhere while subscribing to our low-cost virtual office and meeting room at Molmisa Virtual Office + Workspace. We are also glad to support the children, especially those with language delays or disorders, to advance in education through the learning materials produced by Speak and Teach PH. Here are the snapshots of our status in business.


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Legalize your business. More time with family.

Suppose you are a Freelancer or a Small, Medium Entrepreneur based in Cainta, Pasig, Marikina, Antipolo, Rizal, or nearby (or anywhere within Luzon, Philippines) who wishes to establish a formal business and want to have more time with your family. In that case, we believe we can help you! We offer to assist you in cutting your expenses in putting up a business. Avail of our free consultation (via Zoom) to explain further how we can help you.

Use Our Business Address

We are the first recognized virtual office of Cainta Municipal Hall. We have already helped Freelancers, and Small and Medium-scale Entrepreneurs (MSMEs) register their businesses using our corporate address. You can also post our address as your official virtual office on your marketing materials, website, and social media accounts.

Our Space is Your Mailbox

In case you have deliveries, our address can be your mailbox. Your clients can send letters and packages to our space. This is a good alternative if you want to project a professional brand to your customers and clients instead of giving your full residential address. It can draw a line between personal (home address) and work (office address).

Minimize Your Operational Expenses

Rental cost is the primary crucial business expense in terms of regular operations. Many startups fail because of high operational dues. Our team can help you minimize that. We can help you to start small but dream big. We are aware that subscribing to a Virtual Office must be a temporary state. We will guide you to have your own office by being wise as you start.


Our journey is never easy, but we enjoy it. We treat our work as if we are playing on a playground. Our team takes every responsibility seriously. However, we never feel stressed because we love what we are doing. This section will show some of our previous and present projects, promos, and freebies. We love sharing our works, not to brag but to inspire everyone (our potential customers, clients, and our team) and say, "Hey! Let's just enjoy living out our purpose!"



These are some of our happy clients and satisfied customers who availed our services (Molmisa Virtual Office + Workspace // Speak and Teach PH)

These (resources from Speak & Teach PH) were good for Social Skills groups. They weren't childish, so my older students were more engaged in the process and problem-solving conversations.

April T.

April T.

From TpT Review

I availed the Molmisa Virtual Office, and I am highly satisfied. This is recommended to all startups and new entrepreneurs!

Domenic Abala

Domenic Abala

DT Abala Bookkeeping Services


These are the highlights and past events that happened in our company.

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