Molmisa Workspace Terms and Conditions


1. Payment: The Molmisa Workspace applies a "first-paid, first served" basis due to high demand and limited space. Upon contract signing, one hundred percent (100%) of the quoted rate must be made to finally confirm the booking. Payment is refundable, subject to Term # 3 provisions.

2. Rescheduling: If the event has been moved or rescheduled, the undersigned contact person shall inform Molmisa Workspace at least seven (7) days before the scheduled engagement. Molmisa Workspace has the right to prioritize prior commitments with other clients regarding the schedule. The proper rescheduling advisory can help Molmisa Workspace organize its calendar and other bookings.

3. Cancellation Policy: Cancellations 10 days before events receive a 100% refund. Cancellations 9 - 5 days before events will receive a 50% refund. Suppose cancellation occurs four (4) days or less before the event. The payment would be 100% refund forfeited unless the event was caused by “acts of God” nature or those that are absolutely independent of human intervention, such as extreme storm warnings, flash floods, landslides, earthquakes, or other similar calamities brought about by the natural forces. Cancellation must be received in writing through our official email:

3.1. Cancellations made by the LN Business Center (LNBC). The LNBC has the right to cancel an event for whatever reason, and the Molmisa Workspace is free from any liabilities caused by such cancellations. In this scenario, the Molmisa Workspace shall inform the client via email and SMS. The event date can be rescheduled, or the rental fee shall be returned to the client in full.

4. Coffee Table: The coffee, creamer, sugar, cups, spoons, and candies at the coffee table are accessible to all participants during the booked hours. If the condiments and items have already been consumed, please ask for the assistance of Molmisa Workspace staff. Taking out the said items and condiments is prohibited.

5. Water Dispenser: The water at the dispenser is free during the booked hours. Please advise the Molmisa Workspace staff if the water dispenser is due for a refill. The Molmisa Workspace staff might seek help from the client if there are no available staff who can carry and load the water gallon to the dispenser.

6. SMART TV: Before the start of the event, Molmisa Workspace staff will orient the client on how to use the Smart TV, including share screening and other essential tools that can be maximized. The said staff is the only person allowed to plug and unplug the TV from the electric outlet. Any physical damage caused by the client during the booked hours shall be shouldered by the client. For other concerns, the client can ask the Molmisa Workspace staff for assistance.

7. Table and Seating Arrangement: Molmisa Workspace shall arrange the desks and seats based on the seating arrangement notified in this agreement. Should there be changes to the seating arrangement on the event day, Molmisa Workspace staff would seek assistance from the client to re-arrange the seats. The client can also re-arrange the chairs independently if the Molmisa Workspace is duly informed.

8. Flipchart and Whiteboard: Molmisa Workspace shall provide the whiteboard markers and eraser. The client can also bring their own. The markers and erasers owned by Molmisa Workspace are kept from being taken home by the client. 

9. Food and Beverages: Clients can bring outside food and beverages inside the workspace, provided that all waste shall be disposed of properly and will not cause a foul odor in the room.

10. Alcohol and Covid Protocol: For the safety of everyone, please encourage the participants to follow the Covid protocols of Cainta. The participants can use the alcohol at their tables but are not allowed to take it home.

11. Check-In: The Molmisa Workspace gives the client a 30-minute ingress before the indicated time above. If the client and participants come earlier than the time of the event, the client can go in and wait in the workspace if no other meetings are happening. Lights can be opened; however, the aircon will be opened 30 minutes before the booked time.

12. Check-Out: The client shall inform the Molmisa Workspace staff once the event ends. Once the event goes overtime, the Molmisa Workspace staff will advise and remind the contact person/client via SMS. The Molmisa Workspace gives clients a 30-minute grace period to wrap up their event. Beyond the grace period, the client shall be charged Php600 per hour of overtime.

13. Documentation, Event Promotion, and Data-Privacy: The client permits Molmisa Workspace to take photos and record short videos during the event/meeting of the client and post them on Molmisa Workspace's websites and other marketing media with the name and logo of the client. In the same way, the client is also allowed to take photos during their stay in the workspace and post it online. Both parties shall not post anything that discloses confidential information that violates the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (Republic Act 10173) and both parties' privacy.


1. Internet Use. Please ask the Molmisa Workspace staff regarding the password of Wifi. For faster internet use, kindly prioritize those using the Smart TV for wireless screen sharing.

 2. Parking. There are parking slots in front of the LN Business Center with a "first come, first serve" policy. Puregold Junction Cainta and Robinsons Cainta also offer FREE parking. The Molmisa Workspace has no liability regarding all incidents concerning the participants' vehicles.

 3. Smoking Area. Smoking inside the Molmisa Workspace and LN Business Center is not allowed. There is a designated area outside the building. Kindly ask the staff or the LNBC guard.

 4. Comfort Room. The building has a common Comfort Room for men and women at the back of the workspace. Kindly follow the rules and regulations the building sets, especially when turning the lights off after use. 

 5. Avoid Littering. Respecting other tenants of the building, littering along the hallway is highly discouraged. If group chats can't be avoided, they can be done inside the workspace or downstairs in front of the building. 

6. Be mindful of the noise. Other tenants within the building and vicinity operate their businesses. Please moderate the music, voice, and noise, as we respect their usual business operations.

7. For emergency and other concerns: In case there are any life-threatening emergencies, spills, broken, or malfunctioning features of our workspace, please call or reach us out through mobile: +63 908 896 9663, landline: 8647 7313, or Facebook: Molmisa Virtual Office + Workspace. You may also visit Unit 304 to seek assistance. 

Once paid and subscribed to our Molmisa Workspace, this signifies that you have read, understand, and agree to comply with the rules set forth regarding facility usage, including the conditions listed above and cleaning reminders. You [the contact person] further agree that you are of legal age and will be personally responsible for repairing damage to property or facilities and replacing stolen property.

Updated: 29 June 2023

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